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Calacatta Hexagon Mosaic Tiles for Wall Tile

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  • Hexagon mosaic tiles


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Products Description

Name Natural Stone White Marble Calacatta Gold Hexagon Mosaics
Available Finish Polished, Honed, Leathered, Antique, Brushed, Straited
Chip Size 1",2",3",5",9",10"
Sheet Size 12"x12"
Mounted On Fiber Mesh
Application Villa; Hotel; Office Building; Shopping Mall; Hospital; Appartment and more
Inner Package Carton
Out Package Pllywood or Ocean wooden crate
Capacity 10x20'GP/month

Calacatta hexagon mosaics

Come to Hibo Stone, you have various options in terms of mosaic types and patterns.

  1. Random Mosaic:

    • In a random mosaic, tiles of different shapes, sizes and finished are arranged in a seemingly random pattern. This type of mosaic can create a more natural and organic look, allowing the beauty of the Azul Macaubas marble to be the unique one.

  2. Geometric Mosaic:

    • Geometric mosaics, such as squares, rectangles, triangles, picket, subway or hexagons. This type of mosaic can create a more structured and contemporary look.

  3. Basketweave Mosaic:

    • This classic design can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the space.

  4. Herringbone Mosaic:

    • Herringbone patterns arranging rectangular tiles in a zigzag pattern.

  5. Chevron Mosaic:

    • Chevron patterns are similar to herringbone but involve a V-shaped pattern.

  6. Medallion Mosaic:

    • Medallion mosaics feature a central focal point or design, always in round or squre pattern. This type of mosaic can be highly decorative.

  7. Picture or Artistic Mosaic:

    • This type involves creating a picture or artistic design using the Azul Macaubas tiles. Skilled artisans can create intricate scenes or images, adding a unique and personalized touch to the space.

  8. Hexagonal Mosaic:

    • Hexagonal patterns involve arranging tiles in a honeycomb-like hexagonal shape. This can add a sense of modernity and playfulness to the design.

  9. Any irregular Mosaic or customized mosaic is available.


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