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Blue Celeste Marble Pencil Molding Trim

Material: Blue Celeste Marble
Color: Blue
Usage: Wall only
Finished: Polished Marble Pencil Trim
  • Pencil Liner
  • 68029190

Blue Celeste is a natural stone blue color marble, quarried at Argentina.  This blue marble is flecked with blue, green and white crystal formations, stands out from every classic marbles with its dazzling sky blue sparkle, called a luxury marble in any project.

Its excellent Water absorption and density help the Blue celeste marble perfect for Kitchen backsplashes, Bathroom, Shower.

Density 2.71g/cm3
Water Absorption 0.2%
Compressive Strength 165Mpa
Flexural Strength 36Mpa

Which gorgeous features is the blue celeste coordinates beautifully with White Thassos and Ming Green marble collections. 

Find more design Shape:

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Additional Names of the blue marble: 

Arabesce Sky Blue Marble,Arabesque Sky Blue Marble,Argentina Sky Blue Marble,Azul Argentina Marble,Azul Celeste Marble,Marmor Azur Cielo,Azzurro Cielo Marmo,Blue Argentino Marble,Blue Celeste Marble,Celeste Marble,Celeste Arabescato Marble,Celeste Argentina Marble,Cielo Azur Marble,Sky Blue Marble,Celeste Blue Marble

Tell us what is Marble Trim Molding:

Marble moldings are essential to complete any marble design, and can be contrasted beautifully with other natural stone field and accent tiles. We understand that main aim of Marble Pencil Liner is to protect your walls from damaged mostly caused by chair backs.  There are several alternatives available to make sure the transition from the tile to the wall or ceiling is a smooth and refined one. These Bullnose moldings / Pencil liner / Baseboards / Chair Rail / Crown can help you transition between different types of tile, or from tile to drywall in Kitchen Backsplash or Shower in Bathroom.

Below is our regular design shape for marble trim molding, also customized design is available for our processing.



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