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Calacatta Gold Marble French Pattern Tile

Marble French Pattern Mosaic Tiles

Material: Calacatta Gold
Thickness: 10mm / 3/8"
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  • French Pattern Mosaic Tiles
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Mosaic tile is any combination of tile sizes, colors, shapes and/or materials, set in a sheet for easy installation. Look at the French Pattern style, these patterns are ideal for complex design themes that enhance the look of any space, really can't stop loving it. 

Marbles have been used for centuries to beautify homes and surroundings, Calacatta Gold marble is one of the most famous stones in the world, quarried in Carrara, Italy. The Calacatta is a white background with dramatic and thick veins, can range in color from gold to brown to beige to dark gray tones. Its natural variation creates a luxurious artwork in every piece.

Density 2.54g/m3 Water Absorption 0.36%
Compressive Strength 250Mpa Flextural Strength 13.5Mpa


Polished Calacatta Mosaic Tiles


Calacatta Gold Marble French Pattern Tiles


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