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Carrara White Arabesque Water Jet Tile Polished

Unique Design Water Jet Tile

Fantastic for kitchen and bathroom wall tile or flooring

Material: Italian Bianco Carrara
Color: White
Mounted on:Mesh
  • White Marble Water Jet Tile
  • 68029190

What is Water Jet Tile?

Marble Waterjet Mosaics is using a computerized technology to cut marble into any size and shape chips, usually give the option of curved or softer lines. It could be more complicated and luxury than normal mosaic tile cutting, the movement in the Waterjet refined to a modern marble design.

  • *The Waterjet mosaic tile using any medium such as marble, granite, stone, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, monther of pearl and even glass mix together.

  • The Waterjet mosaic tile makes a gorgeous feature element in any design.

  • The possibilities are endless. Customize your space with stunning presentation, using the designs of Waterjet mosaic.

What is the difference between Water Jet Tile and Mosaic Tile?

Mosaic Tile were machine cut with a type of tile saw.  The circular saws are limited to straight inline cuts, more effective cutting ways for factory, and unit price for the mosaic tile is acceptable for every clients.

Water Jet Tile were machine cut with a Water Jet saw,  with ultra-high pressure jet of clean water. The advantage is it can be programmed to make any type of cut, on any type of material. Allow us to design and produce more complex designs. However, unit price is on a higher level than mosaic tile.

More Photos:


Gorgeous Waterjet Mosaic Tile


Waterjet Mosaic Tile for backsplash


Black and White Marble Waterjet



Luxury Curved Waterjet Polished Tile


Calacatta Gold Marble Waterjet


Fantastic Waterjet Mosaic Tile

STONETEX have the top quality Arabsque marble mosaic tiles at factory direct price, it characterizes your kitchen backsplash, bathroom, floor, or fireplace with beautiful pattern and texture. 

Bianco Carrara is one of the most popular white marble from Italy, we can offer top quality Carrara with our rich experience in manufacturing, as well as Calacatta Gold, Dolomite, Blue Celeste, Oriental White, Pacific Grey, Ming Green, China Nero Marquina black marble are all good for the Arabesque tile in Lantern pattern. 


Unique new design shape from STONETEX Consideration and detailed After-Sold service
Free samples for quality check All factory direct supply
Useful and honesty suggestion Quality without worries


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