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Italian Calacatta Violet/Viola Purple White Marble Slabs

Fine quality Bvlgari white marble slabs

Size: 280upx180upx2cm
Finished: Honed
Price:Email to info@stonetexs.com to get detailed price according to your requires
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Calacatta Viola Marble also named Calacatta Violet, Vagli, Bvlgari white, is a luxurious white background high-end natural stone that is known for its stunning appearance and unique veining patterns.

Slabs always in stock, we can offer any color veins you like, just freely to contact us and get details.

Calacatta viola slab

Calacatta viola marble slab

  1. Appearance: Calacatta Viola Marble typically features a white or cream-colored base with dramatic and bold violet or purple veining running throughout the slab. The contrast between the white background and the vibrant purple veining creates a visually striking effect.

  2. Veining and Patterns: The veining in Calacatta Viola Marble is often broad and pronounced, creating a captivating and artistic look. The purple veins can vary in intensity and thickness, making each slab unique and exquisite.

  3. Luxurious and Elegant: Due to its unique color combination and bold veining, Calacatta Viola Marble is considered a luxurious and elegant choice for countertops, backsplashes, flooring, and other applications.

  4. Applications: Calacatta Viola Marble slabs can be used for various interior applications, including kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, fireplace surrounds, accent walls, flooring, and tabletops. Its bold and eye-catching appearance makes it particularly suitable for statement pieces.


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