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Quality White Marble

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Quality White Marble

Quality White Marble on Top Selling List of Stone

No dout if we vote for the most popular stone color, the white marble could be on the top list. Let us know about the familiar white marble types in the market. 

       Marble                                       Color Location
Calcatta Gold Exclusive white   marble with deep gray veining and occasional taupe/gold highlights. Italy
Bianco   Carrara White marble with   grey vein or grey tone Italy
Staturio White marble with   distinct gray and gold veining Italy
Volakas Wite background   accented with veins of gray  Italy
Oriental   white White marble with   veins including white, pearl, ash and dark grey. China
Absolute   white Pure white marble China
Luna white White marble with   veins of gray and swatches of gold and burgundy China
Thassos White Pure white   marble,with crystalline, snowy and homogeneous tone crown Greece
Dolomite Pure white marble Turkey



White marble is soft and easier to carve, also, the high light transmittance character of the white marble helps the sculpture be more amazing, hence, the sculptors prefer to use marble for production.


Construction marble

White marble always popular for the construction building, for marble mosaic, tile rug, wall tile, floor tile, kitchenbasplash, shower surrounds etc. It can be polished, honed, antiqued, sandblasted and more. 



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