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  • Natural Stone Marble has been used in construction for centuries due to its elegance, durability, and natural beauty. Nowadays, more diversified and personalized are getting higher attraction. We find that Green marble color get higher concern and have increasing acceptance in mordern construction, especially the Parada Green is a popular choice, with its unique veining and distinctive color. Welcome to contact us info@stonetexs.com to get more considerative advice upon our skills.


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  • Calacatta Viola is a kind of natural stone marble come from Italy, well known for its rich bold purple,violet or lilac-veined pattern against milky white background. Also it is included some yellow tone veining which can't be avoided, but the green vein must be picked out. We Hibo Stone own strong capacity to select good color of Calacatta Viola, and ship the finished products stablely to our clients. Welcome to contact us at info@stonetexs.com, tell us your requires, we can cooperate you with our good strength.


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  • To be yourself and show who you are, even in interior home decor is so important. Hibo Stone always focus on customize products to meet the personalized needs of customers, here we would like to share a new kind of marble named Spider Golden to you. This is a white marble, with some slim sparkle golden veins, looks like spider web on tile, that's why we called it spider golden. Its own strong marble density and not such big color variation, can be a great choice to do mosaic and tile together in Bathroom wall tiles and floor tiles.


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  • What is Mosaic Tiles Mosaic tile is small pieces of stone, porcelain, glass and other materials cut into small pieces, then the pieces are held together by being mounted or glued onto a sheet, these mesh-mounted sheets mosaics can be mounted of the same color, or varying colors to be many stunning different shapes design. There is also a rich variety in design shape. Herringbone, Hexagon, Picket, Strips, Basketwave, Penny round, lanterns/Arabsque, Chevron, Bricks, Square, Subway, 3D and any mordern or irregular shape. All the difference provides different visual impacts, and sharing stunning appeals for any interior design use mosaics.


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  • Oriental White Marble Stone is the top one selling for China white marble Oriental white marble is one of the luxurious white marble, popular for its jade and very durable quality. This Chinese white marble is no limited for marble mosaic, tiles, monument, fountain or counter-tops, widely use on floors and walls in such fields as bathrooms, kitchens, showers, living rooms, hallways, lobbies ..etc. Both interior and exterior are ok.


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  • Quality White Marble on Top Selling List of Stone White marble is soft and easier to carve White marble always popular for the construction building, for marble mosaic, tile rug, wall tile, floor tile, kitchenbasplash, shower surrounds etc.


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  • Calacatta Gold Marble StoneCalacatta Gold is a beautiful marble of whites and grays inherent.It is widely used for wall tiles, flooring ,countertops, mosaic tiles etc. Specially in Mosaic tiles for Kitchen backsplash and interior wall tiles . Below are the beautiful photos of Calacatta Gold product


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